Frequently Asked Questions


  • 1. Go to Jurni.Travel
  • 2. Click on List Your Property
  • 3. Enter your details in the Create an account box
  • 4. Click Create Account
  • 5. Capture your property details under Properties
  • 6. Save
  • • Bank Verification Letter
  • • Proof of Address
  • • CK Documents
  • • VAT Registration Documents
  • • Valid Grading Certificate

No. We do not charge any registration fees.

There are no monthly fees.

We ONLY charge a 7% commission, which is charged when you receive a confirmed booking via our platform.

Every establishment integrated via their PMS (Property Management System) will still pay 7% unless otherwise specified by their PMS.

The cancellation policy can be found under the Terms & Conditions section in the Jurni.Travel website.

No. Jurni’s cancellation policy and terms and conditions are built into the system, and you would need to agree with them before using the website/property management system

You will be able to retrieve it via the Forget Password option.

  • 1. Go to Jurni.Travel
  • 2. Click on Login
  • 3. Select Partners
  • 4. In the Start your Jurni box, Select forgot password
  • 5. Enter e-mail address

The link will be sent to you via email, click on the link and create a new password

  • 1. Log into your profile
  • 2. Click on Bookings
  • 3. Click on Book Now
  • 4. Select rooms and dates
  • 5. Add client details
  • 6. Click Complete your Booking

Yes. You can promote special offers with your bookings e.g., Valentines, On-peak or Off-peak, Weekend rates, Festive, etc.

Yes. Student discounts and pensioners discounts already built into the system.

The system only allows for card payments (Including credit card payments).

  • 1. Log into your profile
  • 2. Click on Properties
  • 3. Click on the Edit Profile dropdown
  • 4. Select Rates
  • 5. Change the minimum stay to your desired number
  • 6. Click on Submit Changes

Jurni is a project of the Department of Tourism, who are the owners of the IP.

Jurni receives the payment as the traveller pays using our online payment portal.

When the traveller checks in at the establishment, Jurni releases the payment to the establishment. It depends on the various bank terms and conditions when the payment would reflect on the establishment side.

PLEASE NOTE: All documents would need to be in order, for Jurni to make payment.

  • NDT (National Department of Tourism)
  • SAT (South African Tourism)
  • Bodies:
  • TOMSA (Tourism Marketing South Africa)
  • TBCSA (Tourism Business Council of South Africa)
  • TGCSA (Tourism Grading Council of South Africa)
  • All provincial tourism bodies.

Jurni is tracking the numbers online however at this point we are unable to supply those numbers as they are being used for competitiveness of Jurni and the growth.

We have a working partnership with the TGCSA, this will help us to refer ungraded establishment to them.

We will also refer the property to the TGCSA website or connect them with an assessor in their area to assist with the process.

A booking tool is an online platform where properties will be listed for travellers to be able to book properties i.e.,, Lekkerslaap, Agoda etc.

PMS is a property management system where property owners can populate their property details, rates, pictures, manage inventory and upcoming bookings i.e., ResRequest, Nightsbridge, Opera etc.

No sign-up cost

Pay only when there is an online booking which is 7% per confirmed booking

First, of its kind in South Africa. Jurni is affordable and exposes multiple businesses on one platform. It creates a one-stop shop for an all-authentic South African experience.

No, our booking system cannot be integrated with Airbnb and however our PMS will be integrated into them.

Jurni has integrated with Activitar.

For now, Jurni is onboarding activities which are on Activitar and will soon allow other activities once we are done building the onboarding the system.

The Jurni Portal is currently listing Accommodation, Activities and Transportation. Working on restaurants will be part of the offering in future allowing travellers to know which restaurants are in the area they are visiting.

Yes, our system has a booking reminder that we send out to both travellers and establishment owners via email.

Jurni will add review/comment section on the website so that we receive honest feedback from travellers. This will also ensure that we improve the quality of South Africa’s establishment to reach industry requirements to provide a world-class service.

Currently, we are only able to capture properties in South Africa.

Jurni has been operational since 2019. We have, however, been live (Jurni.Travel) since late 2021.

You need to register as a traveller so that your personal details can be saved for the next time you book on our system. This ensure that we can reach you, should a problem arise.

We do not, however, save your card details for security reasons.

Yes. There is a payment portal on the Jurni portal to make payments at that time. This means that if you have not blocked out and unavailable room, there is a high chance that there will be a double booking.

Instant Booking allows guests to perform immediate bookings without needing the hosts to review/approve reservation requests.

This is a highly recommended option for hosts, and a fantastic way to make the booking process more convenient for guests and speed up the time everyone needs to spend on bookings.

When you log on to the website, under Accommodation Type, select all the types that you have, and you can enter the details for each under Room details.

  • 1. Log into your account
  • 2. Click on Properties
  • 3. Select the room you want to de-activate
  • 4. On the far-right corner of the room, click on Active.
  • 5. Confirm

Perhaps try starting the link with “https://www...........” If this does not work, contact the Jurni support team.

This is a contract between Jurni and your business. You will be able to read through and sign electronically, once you have completed entering your property details.

Each Party may terminate this Agreement in whole or in part for convenience and without cause at any time by giving the other Party at least one-month prior written notice.

Universal Access means that the accommodation/activity is accessible to all people including people with disabilities.

Our office contact number is 011 087 2190. Our contact centre agents are always available and ready to assist.

Jurni does not have an app yet. You would need to log in via our website – to access your information on the go.

A cancellation can be made from the property owner side as well as on the traveller side at any time. The cancellation policy will apply as stated in the cancellation policy.

You would need to contact our contact centre agents via email or telephone, and they would be able to assist in adding the accommodation type, amenities or feature that you require.

Jurni respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. We will comply with applicable data protection laws, including the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (“POPIA”) and the principles enshrined therein and that apply to the processing of your personal information. We may collect your information during the course of our relationship with you and through the use of the various platforms provided and hosted by us, and will only use your personal information in accordance with applicable data protection laws, including POPIA.

If you are interested in joining Jurni via NightsBridge, you can choose to request a link through the Link Manager (Opt-In on Nightsbridge back-office) el. By opting in, you will be managing one calendar and only charged 15% by Nightsbridge

You can choose to onboard with Jurni and not request a link through the Link Manager on NightsBridge.

By doing so, your property will be listed on our platform and for every confirmed booking you will be charged 7% by Jurni. However, it will be your responsibility to manage two calendars.

  • 1. Go to Jurni.Travel
  • 2. Click on List Your Property
  • 3. Enter your details in the Create an account box
  • 4. Click Create Account
  • 5. Capture your Attraction/Activities details under Attractions
  • 6. Save
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